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Reflection: You can do something about it.

What a day!  All the sun has come out after a few cloudy days.  It makes my heart filled with joy.

Another thing that has cheered my heart is I have found a solution to my sedentary professional life!  My work requires me to work at my desk and it is quite exhausting to sit in a chair all day. Today, I have come up with a great solution–Instead of working in my study, I’ve alternated my work place to the kitchen counter area.  I placed a long rectangular box underneath my computer to elevate it to a level where I could feel comfortable working standing up. I can even dance along with the background music while I am working!  I have also determined to periodically force myself to take a break from my desk.  A simple solution can make all the difference on my health!

Conscious living is a must for a healthy life style.  Every little positive thing we do helps us live a healthier life style.

5 Reasons God Wants You Healthy, Well and Fit by Dale Fletcher

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