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Our Daily Bread 每日箴言: John 4: 13 -14 喝主的水永远不渴(Part I)

By Ling-Ling Shih, Copyright © 2009-2012

每日箴言Our Daily Bread:

John 4: 13 & 14 喝主的水永远不渴(Part I)


Scripture:John 4:13-14

Last Sunday I heard a sermon titled “Be Careful What You Wish for.”  It has inspired me to be more reflective on what I have prayed for.

We all have our hopes and dreams and it is natural for us to pray for them to come true.  We have different hopes and dreams at different stages of our lives.  Some may think that only if we could have that dream job, we could be happier. Others wish for a close relationship thinking that if only they have a husband/a wife or a boy/girl friend to love and to be loved, they could be happier.  Some admire others who have beautiful houses, fancy cars, good looks, prestigious jobs, enviable fame and wealth, high intelligence, or abundant health,  thinking that only if they could have what they have, they could be happier.  How many of us feel that “wouldn’t it be nice if all our needs and bills are taken care of, then we could have the freedom to pursue our true calling in life and become happier?”

The truth of the matter is we will always have something we wish for and lack in reality. Even if all our earthly dreams materialize, they don’t fulfill our deepest yearnings at the core of our souls. Neither will they solve all the problems in our lives; they may actually bring a new set of problems instead.

When a Samaritan woman came to draw water from a well, Jesus asked her to give him a drink.  While she was wondering why a Jew (who did not customarily associate himself with a Samaritan) would come to her and ask her for water,  Jesus told her, “If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you living water.” Do we know to ask for the things that truly give life?  Do we know the person who could give what we truly need? Jesus said, if you knew the gift of God, and who I am, you would have asked me, and I would have given you what you really need.

We wish for more and more, but these wishes will never satisfy the deepest yearnings of our souls.  The following remark of Jesus summarizes how we should be careful what we wish for.

John 4:13-14

New International Version (NIV)

13 Jesus answered, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, 14 but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” (Audio reading of this passage in English)

约翰福音 4:13-14

Chinese Union Version Modern Punctuation (Simplified) (CUVMPS)

13 耶稣回答说:“凡喝这水的,还要再渴, 14 人若喝我所赐的水,就永远不渴。我所赐的水要在他里头成为泉源,直涌到永生。” Audio reading of this passage in Chinese)

13 Yēsū huídá shuō , fán hē zhè shuǐ de , hái yào zaì kĕ .
14 Rén ruò hē wǒ suǒ cì de shuǐ jiù yǒngyuǎn bù kĕ . wǒ suǒ cì de shuǐ , yào zaì tā lǐtou chéngwéi quányuán , zhí yǒng dào yǒngshēng .

約翰福音 4:13-14

Chinese Union Version Modern Punctuation (Traditional) (CUVMPT)

13 耶穌回答說:「凡喝這水的,還要再渴, 14 人若喝我所賜的水,就永遠不渴。我所賜的水要在他裡頭成為泉源,直湧到永生。」

约翰福音 4:13-14

Chinese Contemporary Bible (CCB)

13 耶稣说:“人喝了这井里的水,还会再渴, 14 但是喝了我所赐的活水,永远不会再渴。我所赐的水要在他里面成为生命的泉源,涌流不息,直到永生。”

These verses remind us to be careful for what we wish for, because the thing we ask for may make us feel “thirsty again.”  People should have dreams that can take them to the next level in life, and it is natural to yearn for love or self-actualization, but we must be careful not to divert our focus from the spring of living water. I want to pray to Jesus, “Dear Lord, please give us this living water so that we won’t get thirsty again and help us find fullness of joy in you.”  When I pray, I want to focus more on having this living water in my life, instead of focusing on giving me what I wish for.  Have prayers of thanksgiving for all He has done for us.  Vividly picture His sacrifices for us, so I can be more grateful.

If we are like Saint Paul who recognized the supreme value of knowing Christ, everything else would lose all its luster, compared to gaining Christ.

“What is more, I consider everything a loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them garbage, that I may gain Christ” (Philippians 3: 8).

If we have a heart like Paul’s, we won’t fret and feel so frustrated over so many things we think we ought to have and do not have.  If my heart is still aching and frustrated by unmet needs and unfulfilled dreams, that is because I have lost sight of what is far more important in my life.

Let us learn how to say the following two verses in both English and Chinese.  Today we will focus on  John 4: 13, and we will learn John 4: 14 in my next post.

约翰福音John 4:: 13

13 Jesus answered, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again,

13 耶稣说:“人喝了这井里的水,还会再渴,

huí shuō fán zhè
jĭng de shuĭ hái huì zài
Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Mandarin Pinyin English Definition
耶稣 耶穌 Ye1 su1 Jesus;
shuo1 to speak; to say; to explain; to scold; to tell off; a theory (usually in compounds such as 日心说 heliocentric theory);
ren2 man; person; people; CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4];
he1 to drink; My goodness!;
le5 (modal particle intensifying preceding clause); (completed action marker);
zhe4 this; these; (commonly pr. [zhei4] before a classifier, esp. in Beijing);
jing3 well
li3 inside
de5 of; ~’s (possessive particle); (used after an attribute); (used to form a nominal expression); (used at the end of a declarative sentence for emphasis);
shui3 water
hai2 still; still in progress; still more; yet; even more; in addition; fairly; passably (good); as early as; even; also; else;
hui4 can; be possible; be able to; will; be likely to; be sure to; to assemble; to meet; to gather; to see; union; group; association; CL:個|个[ge4]; a moment (Taiwan pr. for this sense is [hui3]);
zai4 again; once more; re-; second; another; then (after sth, and not until then);
ke3 thirsty;





Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
耶穌 耶稣 Jesus



Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
shuì persuade (politically)
shuō to speak; to say


Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
rén man; person; people


Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
 to drink
shout applause



Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
le (modal particle intensifying preceding clause); (completed action marker)
liǎo to know; to understand; to know
liǎo clear
liào look afar from a high place


Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
zhè this; these
zhèi this; these; (sometimes used before a measure word, especially in Beijing)


Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
jǐng  well


Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
inside; internal; interior
lining of clothing; within; inside
li, a Chinese unit of length = one-half kilometer; neighborhood; hometown

的 de


Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
de (possessive, modifying, or descriptive particle); of
really and truly
aim; clear


Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
shuǐ water; river

还  hái


Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
hái also; in addition; more; still; else; still; yet; (not) yet
huán (surname); pay back; return



Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
huì will, be able to; be likely to; to assemble; to meet; to gather; group; association
kuài to balance an account; accounting


Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
zài again; once more; next in sequence; another


Trad. Simp. Pinyin English

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