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How to say “Happy Thanksgiving” in Chinese: “感恩节快乐!”

By Ling-Ling Shih, Copyright © 2009-2012

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

祝你们感恩节快乐!(Literally translated: I wish you have a Thanksgiving Happy).

感恩节:literally, it means a holiday (节:节日holiday)[for people]  to feel (感)[the gratitude or thanks 谢谢] for the grace (恩) (the kind act from above).  I pray that we will use this special day to reflect on God’s goodness for us but also remember to give thanks to him throughout the year.

I went to church to attend a special Thanksgiving night yesterday. It has touched my heart to hear so many people sharing their thanksgivings.  Here are some of the thanksgivings I heard:

“I just want to thank God for how He made me,” said a little girl.

“We were kicked out of our apartment…, but somehow we found a place to live.  I just want to thank God to give us a roof over our head,” said a teenager.

“I just want to thank God for giving me pains… Through pains, I went to see a doctor and found a serious problem that needed immediate medical attention,” said an elderly man.

Many thanked God for the help and support they have received from the church, friends, and family.

Here is the thanksgiving I had shared that night: “I have many things I am thankful for, but today I want to share one of my thanksgivings with you.  I want to thank God for giving me a wonderful daughter. I had a tough time communicating with her for a while, but recently she has opened up to me.  I feel most thankful for that.  She is sitting here [with her friend] in the back; I also want her to know that she is blessed with many gifts.  Any one of us has some gifts God gave us. I pray that all of us, including her, will use our gifts to serve him in some way.”

What are you most thankful for?

Here is a vocabulary list that will teach you how to say “Happy Thanksgiving” in Chinese.

Vocabulary 生词

Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Mandarin Pinyin English Definition
zhu4 pray; wish
你们 你們 ni3 men5 you (plural);
感恩节 感恩節 Gan3 en1 jie2 Thanksgiving Day;
快乐 快樂 kuai4 le4 happy; merry;
găn ēn jié kuài
Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Mandarin Pinyin English Definition
感恩节 感恩節 Gan3 en1 jie2 Thanksgiving Day;
快乐 快樂 kuai4 le4 happy; merry;





Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
感恩節 感恩节 Gǎn ēn jié Thanksgiving Day
Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
gǎn to feel; to move; to touch; to affect
Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
ēn grace; kind act (from above)
Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
jié festival; section; segment; point; part; to economize; to save; temperate




Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
快樂 快乐 kuài happy; merry

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